Review of Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch WiFi
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Review of Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch WiFi


The hardware

The first thing that catches your attention - how well it fits the hand - a device that is designed to be comfortable to hold. Nook thickness is 0.47 inches (11.9 mm), the rear panel is concave, with the deepening ideally located for circumference. Device size is 6.5 x 5 inches (16.5 x12, 7 cm).

The device has no physical keyboard - only the screen and frame. The button-shaped "n" below complements touch screen command, and activates a toolbar at the bottom. Total six buttons on the body, in addition to the buttons "n" - four keys in the form of lines on both sides of the screen and the power button on the rear panel.

At Nook 2 GB of internal memory, and there is also a slot microSD, to expand the capacity up to 32 GB. In addition to cloud storage services company - more than enough for long reading. As to the claimed battery life now - "up to two months." In any case, you will not worry about the battery on long trips.

Inside beats the heart TIOMAP 3 processor with a frequency of 800 MHz. Download, view PDF documents, turning pages - and it works pretty quickly. At the moment there is only a version of WiFi, which gives some trump cards, such as Amazon devices with 3G capabilities.


The display is made of technology Pearl E Ink, which has become a standard in the industry such devices, and almost all the major players - Amazon, Sony, and Kobo - all offer at least one device with this technology. Documents that are in the original color, the device does not display with the highest contrast and clarity, as opposed to black and white or text. Flip through the pages at the speed of the new Nook is very fast, to the same readers often need a full screen refresh only every half-dozen or so pages togo.Odnim major update here is the addition of infrared technology Neonode zForce, promising a touch-screen interface to blur the line between the use of electronic and paper books. Infrared technology is built into the device, rather than the screen itself, so that the contrast suffers. zForce quite responsive, scrolling is a light touch. The unit can be operated with only one hand reading, but here's navigation menu, still require two. Because the technology is based on infrared, you do not have to touch the screen directly with your fingers - it can be done with a pen or a gloved hand, when the street holodno.Programmnoe software

The highlight of software is the home page, to reach which always requires a couple of clicks. On the page displayed, on what page you are on your last three downloads, and the list of books that discuss your friends. The toolbar at the top of the screen displays the battery time, the signal strength of WiFi, the number of new messages from friends, and the book icon, which takes you back to the page you were reading the last time. By pressing the "n", pops up a toolbar which also displays the library, shopping, search, and nastroyki.Napravlennost device is very narrow - reading on the screen in the main text, your progress is displayed at the bottom. Clicking on the link "Go To" in the toolbar you can get on any selected page of the book. The text is quite customizable, seven sizes, six styles and a few more options. Pressing the "Settings Publisher 'atonement changes.

Holding your finger down on the text, you can call option where the user can add notes, look up words with built-in dictionary Merriam-Webster, and share moments with friends. Select text a little tugovat for infrared touch screen and try to share what or passage of text can be a maddening. Share quotes can be in your list of friends via Facebook or Twitter.FotoEto one of the few social features offered by the device. These things are for many can be a distraction from the main task of reading, but Barnes Noble compares the experience of reading books in the group using wireless technology devices to make reading really socially oriented. You can send recommendations to friends and borrow books. Messages sent via the on-screen virtual keyboard, which is particularly light and not quite optimized for the current touch ustroystva.Vstroenny uzkonapravlen store, allowing you to search for books, magazines and newspapers or browse the listings Barnes Noble, based on past purchases. Buy the book takes place in a few clicks. After downloading, it will appear in your library and on the main page.

You can also drag and drop content from the PC to the device, ideally in the case of PDF-files, but the functionality of working with them at the Nook disappointing. Also unpleasant is the fact that when reading PDF device repeatedly it would halt completely, requiring a hard reset.


New Nook adds more opportunities to return to the simple process of reading, which is absent in tablets like the iPad and Nook Color. All the new features contribute to, rather than detract from the purpose of reading. Social functions revolve solely around reading - if you are looking for a place to play Words with Friends, then you are not looking for tam.Promyshlennost - except Sony - apparently settled on a price for e-books at $ 139, and it fits Nook, selling costs such as Kindle, and $ 10 more than 1GB Kobo. The device still has some bugs, sensor technology leaves much to be desired, and Podvisanie puts into question the overall stability. This is a great device for easy reading, and the Nook is its primary function well enough.


Review of Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch WiFi

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