Description HTC Legend
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Description HTC Legend



Cast a stylish case from a single block of aluminum with a bright AMOLED-display looks great in your hand and is admired by others.
Full integration with social networks, the ability to communicate with groups of people and unrivaled personalization possibilities - this phone is designed to impress.

Make it your

HTC Legend will completely change your idea of ​​personalization. Extended set of widgets provide you lots of relevant content. For your service even updated catalog of widgets. Whatever your range of interests in this device you're sure to find something for themselves. Whether closer

HTC Legend has the same structure as the rest of our models - all communication is organized around contact. We believe that you want to communicate primarily with the person, not the application - be it SMS, email or phone calls.

HTC Legend will help you stay in touch with different groups of your friends, relatives and colleagues. The updated widget "Contact Us" allows you to view complete information on a particular group at any time. For example, if at the moment you are only interested in your colleagues, then selecting that group, you are easy to immediately track all communication with them (SMS, calls, mail, social networks) on one screen.

HTC Legend simplifies the approach to social networks. By the application Friend Stream the whole activity of your friends on social networks (such as Facebook ®, Twitter ™ and Flickr ™) is displayed in a single stream. Do you want to quickly share my thoughts with all your friends at once? In Friend Stream have the opportunity to post an entry in Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Discover the Unexpected

In HTC Legend hidden surprises that are sure to delight you. For example, a call that he understands when he heard it. Volume zvonkasnizhaetsya the embedded G-censor notes that the phone is picked up, and shuts down completely when the phone flip screen vniz.Teper you can even use your phone to work with the protected data. HTC Legend supports security policy Exchange, such as password protection and remote data management. For example, you can easily connect to a global base address of your company if you needed address of the person who is not in your personal contact list. Also you can set the status of the Out of Office («Not in the office") from your device.
Moving across the expanses of the Internet to the HTC Legend becomes a great pleasure. With support for Adobe ® Flash ® you are an endless number of video and game content. To change the zoom, enough fingers together or apart on the screen. If you need help from Wikipedia or translate text into another language using the Google-translator, just click on the text and hold it a couple of seconds.


Description HTC Legend

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