Review Dell Streak 16GB tablet
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Review Dell Streak 16GB tablet


It is difficult to describe the Dell Streak as a tablet. The fact is that due to its size it hardly falls into a group of tablet computers. It is easier to refer to a group of communicators. But then again, given its size, we get a very great communicator. The very same manufacturer considers this model to a class of tablets. With the introduction of the tablet from Apple, the growing popularity of tablet devices and MID received a positive trend.

Dell Streak will be of interest to future users not only for its size, but also a combination of the module 3G, and the presence of multi-function touch control, a powerful Snapdragon processor and installed it on a brand new version of Android 2.2.

Dell Streak has a five-inch touch screen, showing the image size of 800 pixels by 480. On the back of the set of five megapixel camera. Not without Bluetooth and of course Wi-Fi.


Review Dell Streak 16GB tablet

2011/04/18 12:33
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