Review of HTC Desire
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Review of HTC Desire


At first glance, HTC Desire impresses with its huge, bright and contrast this state-bright screen with stunning color and a diagonal of 3.7 inches. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor power of 1 GHz makes the HTC Desire to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. You'll be able to switch between different applications without delay and problems. A user-friendly interface HTC Sense will help you easily control this powerful smartphone.

Make it your

HTC Desire is made so as to adapt to your way of life - your contacts, your interests, your entertainment. With the help of many HTC Sense widgets you can fill the screen of a smartphone that is important and interesting to you.
For example, if you are a sports fan or just want to be always up to date, you have an application for the "News". This widget allows you to easily collect your interesting articles from all over the network. Create your own news feed from a huge selection of channels, top blogs, news, and sports sites. Or simply to receive news by signing up for the keywords of interest to you.

Stay Close

HTC Desire will help you stay in touch with different groups of your friends, relatives and colleagues. The updated widget "Contact Us" allows tebeprosmatrivat complete information on a particular group at any time. With the same ease you can make a call to a whole group, or send a message to all letter. For example, if at the moment you are only interested in your colleagues, then selecting that group, you are easy to immediately
Keep track of all communication with them (SMS, calls, mail, social networks) on one screen.
HTC Desire simplifies the approach to social networks. By the application Friend Stream the whole activity of your friends on social networks (such as Facebook ®, Twitter ™ and Flickr ™) is displayed in a single stream. Do you want to quickly share my thoughts with all your friends at once? In Friend Stream have the opportunity to post an entry in Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Discover the Unexpected

HTC Desire - it's a great display, lightning-fast processor and a great interface. But that's not all. This smartphone has hidden a lot of small, but pleasant surprises that can impress you. For example, easy access to any of the screens interface with the ability to quickly view their small versions. Or tactful tone for incoming calls, which automatically gets quieter once you take a smartphone in hand.
Now you can even use your phone to work with the protected data. HTC Desire supports security policy Exchange, such as password protection and remote data management. For example, you can easily connect to a global base address of your company if you needed address of the person who is not in your personal contacts list. Also you can set the status of the Out of Office («Not in the office") directly from your smartfona.HTC Desire simply designed to travel over the network. The screen size is optimal for the mobile Internet, and the Super-bright high-resolution screen displays the contents of the websites in perfect clarity. Scale pages can be changed by simply reducing and spreading his fingers. Any text automatically scale to fit the screen, so you do not have to once again led his fingers to the left and vpravo.Blagodarya support of Adobe ® Flash ® you are an endless number of video and game content. And to go to Wikipedia for help or to translate a text into another language using the Google-translator, just click on the text and hold it a couple of seconds.


Review of HTC Desire

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