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Samsung Galaxy Ace



The lights go out, the sounds of clicking the camera shutter are gone, reporters once again sadly look at the monitor in search of interesting information for their publishers. Gone CES in January, MWC in February and CTIA in March of this year. At these exhibitions was presented a huge number of various devices that flaunt the latest on the tonsils iron. Were presented to the device, the power of which can be associated with computers NASA, used for space exploration.
And here we are looking at this beauty contest from the stands of their monitors, plaintive sigh and envy those Americans who buy a smartphone high-end class for $ 200 when connected to the operator and with great joy on his face hasten to note is the Big Mac in the near McDonald's. And when those same smartphones will be with us, then they will cost under a thousand at a time when the release is something new. Therefore, there are only two choices: to tighten the belt, save and eat radishes, or else buy a budget option.
It was such a budget-friendly option and is dedicated to our review. The protagonist of the celebration-Galaxy Ace (S5830), Android-smartphone from the Korean electronics giant - Samsung, who took the leading position in the mobile market by the most successful Android-based smartphone in 2010.


The first thing you notice when she saw the phone - it's quite an attractive appearance, which is very unusual for budget models. Often smartphones budget not only have a weak iron, but also have a disgusting appearance. Here everything is simple and tasteful. In fact, the design - if not the only one, as is the strong point of this smartphone. In some reviews on various forums the authors write about the similarities with the iPhone 4, which I believe full heresy. Let me remind you that the phone is Apple's 4th generation has a very simple design - namely, the type of brick. So now, all phones are made by the same principle (after the patent on this form belongs to the very nature of the mother) are copied to the iPhone? Not knowing about such reasoning to some authors, this awkward idea would never have occurred to me.

And so, on the front of most of the square is the 3.5-inch (which is unusual for Android-based smartphones) TFT screen with a resolution of 320x480 pixels. At the bottom there are 3 buttons: one physical ("Home"), and two sensory ("Back", "Menu") button. Located on top of the speaker and proximity sensor. What surprised me is the lack of automatic brightness adjustment. Trifling matter, and it can be solved easily with widget "Power Management", but still, the yard is gone the second decade of XXI century, so that it is unacceptable for Samsung'a.

The back cover has a nice surprise from the Koreans. Having a bitter experience with a glossy label and back cover Galaxy S, Samsung has decided to focus on practicality that, I want to assure you that positively affected the overall appearance of the device.

Also, the back is a 5MP camera (video recording 320x240) with LED-flash and, compared with other Android-based smartphone is loud speaker.

And another shot of the back cover pupyrchatoy Galaxy Ace.

The ends are made of stylized metal plastic, looks very interesting. On the right side lock button located on / off and a slot for microSD. Galaxy Ace supports memory cards up to 32GB.

At the lower end is placed a microphone and a slot for your nail to make it easy to open the lid.

On the left is perched change the volume rocker and a mount for the cords.

This is how it looks outside the box mount.

The top end has become a receiver of all available slots. Here we are only two: the standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack and miniUSB.

Data port covered by a flap which prevents the ingress of dust and other small particles into the connector. Long time since we've seen these plugs.
But that's the fun does not end. Many manufacturers produce the same phone in different colors, the most common of them - the classic white and black. And sometimes choose one of the two is a problem for the buyer. And so, the black practical we already have, lacking only the white and Mark.

Yes, that's him! Everything right: white and Mark back cover, scratch it is not working. Yes, that's right, Samsung has included in the kit and the white cover, in addition to the standard black.

So now you have like two phones, one for the phone calls every day, and the second on a walk to "show off". It's like the action "2 for the price of one," and this is a huge plus for the Galaxy Ace.

What else do I like about these back - so is the number of fixtures on them. To close the lid, you have to run your finger around the perimeter, and only if all the slots would fall into place. Well this is the fact that the probability of any play in daily use is practically impossible, even with frequent lifting lids for SIM-card or to change the black and white sockets on the back cover is "dead."

Display and keyboard interface

As mentioned previously, Galaxy Ace is equipped with a TFT display with a resolution of 320x480 pixels. It's certainly not Super AMOLED, as Galaxy S, but the face in the dirt he did not fall. Also here we see a rather non-standard screen size - 3.5 inches. Usually, Android-equipped smartphones 3.2, 3.7, 4 or 4.3 inches, but here - 3.5. But it has only positive terms: 3.7 for female pen may be too large, while the 3.2 - too small, so the 3.5 - the golden mean in this case.

Galaxy Ace runs Android 2.2.1 with a proprietary interface TouchWiz. Although not a supporter of such customizations, I all in the overall degree of satisfied TouchWiz'om. The only drawback I found it ugly text wrapping. Perhaps this is due to a non-standard screen size, maybe something else, but the fact remains - the "soldiers, it zalet."

The keyboard is very comfortable, the distance between the keys allow virtually error-free typing. The only disadvantage - the lack of a comma, it needs to constantly shift to a character, or a clamp on the point and wait until you get a new plate with a variety of commonly used symbols. Another way - to write without commas. Let the recipient of steamed and thinks that you have written to him.

In landscape mode, the keys even more, but all the items are in their original locations.

Also included here is a set of emoticons. So it is very emotional people should rejoice this diversity.

Going into the phone mode, see the top 4 buttons: "set", "logs" (shows the time not only calls but also SMS), "favorites" and "contacts", the "contacts" are the individual submenu where they are, of course themselves "contacts" and "group", "log" and "history."

Just as I was pleased with the presence of "factory" equalizer, unfortunately, there is no manual adjustment.


Galaxy Ace is equipped with a 5MP camera that takes pictures of satisfactory quality, however, as all other smart phones.

There are several shooting modes, including smile detection (fotograviruet only with a smiling face), view (you should only drive the virtual camera by a green square) and high-speed shooting mode.

Also there are 14 preset modes.

All remaining settings are placed in this section.

Video recorded with a resolution of 320x240. Interesting fact - when recording video in the lower left corner shows the size of the recorded video. The use of highly questionable, because to fill 2GB card you will need about 4 hours video recording.


Standard browser, Android'ovsky, nothing unusual. Of course, the small screen size and resolution of 480x320 pixels can not really feel comfortable in the online space, but not so badly.

Not support the Flash Player. Personally, I do not think this is a big minus: almost all video uploaded to YouTube, and the job Flash Player'a on Android devices, you see, wants the best. Furthermore, iPhone owners since 2007 (out of the first generation apple) live quietly and without Flash.

Gaming and Performance

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Ace - a budget model, it is equipped with a processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz, which is very good for the money. The overall performance of the system does not raise any problems. This result has been achieved by the processor 800 MHz, while in other models, cost price for the same set of 600 MHz.


Summarizing all the above, it should be said that the Samsung Galaxy Ace - the best Android-based smartphone in its price segment. What might be its current competitors? HTC Wildfire? 560 MHz processor and a marketing authorization in 320x240 pixels discarded any possibility of competition. HTC Gratia? The same characteristics, but more expensive by $ 100. LG Optimus One? Weaker processor, and there is no flash, the camera 3.15MP.
Moreover, the feeling of not as a cost-reduced version, the budget version, and vice versa - the feeling that you hold dear in the hands of the unit. A two rear cover included are a huge plus and significantly set it apart from the crowd. It's like buy two phones for the price odnogo.No and it is not without drawbacks: poorly implemented translations of the text, the absence of a comma on the keyboard, the lack of automatic brightness adjustment.
And yet, I still have a positive experience from the use of a smartphone. Samsung is well tried to release a budget model, worthy of attention, and not some ordinary consumer goods.


Samsung Galaxy Ace

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