samsung galaxy s i9000
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samsung galaxy s i9000


Galaxy S-is a robust hardware platform plus a complete set of interesting mobile applications, the combination of which allows you to push the limits of your capabilities, bringing a new experience using a plurality of integrated and intelligent mobile services. Wherever you were, with the Galaxy S you can easily contact with family and friends, enjoy a variety of personalized multimedia functions and enjoy vivid, saturated colors SUPER AMOLED display.

The ultimate solution

Samsung Galaxy S is far superior to its competitors thanks to the powerful combination of the latest hardware technologies. With a thickness of 9.9 mm Samsung Galaxy S differs highest data rate is provided for its huge size four-inch screen Super AMOLED, a processor with a frequency of 1 GHz and a roomy 16GB of memory and supports SD cards of Micro SD.

Bright Digital World

Thanks to the four-inch display Super AMOLED, which is unparalleled in the brightness of the image to watch and record videos, read e-books and playing video games will ever exciting and convenient. Display Samsung Galaxy S always provides a rich, vibrant colors. Even in bright sunlight, the picture remains clear that it is much easier to shoot video ulitse.Funktsiya

Daily Briefing

Daily Briefing feature allows the owner of Samsung Galaxy S to select the desired mini-applications and obtain the necessary information, which is updated daily and is ordered. In other words, your phone will take on the duties of a personal secretary.

Support Google Maps ™

Google Maps application will help you easily navigate even the most intricate streets. There are three ways to display areas: a panoramic picture of streets, traffic information and satellite view. Users can even find objects that are on the way, for example, gas stations, parking lots, and various organizations. ™ Google, Google logo and Google Maps are trademarks of Google TeleAtlas ® Map Data © 2009.

SWYPE and the Write Go function

With technology Swype «Text hypervelocity" text input is carried out in one and a half times faster than the standard speed of typing messages. Write Go function allows you to select one of the texts-the-blanks later to send it as an SMS or MMS, post to social networks, e-mailed, add to the calendar or make a note reminder.

Social Hub feature

The phonebook Samsung Galaxy S can be easily merge all the accounts of social networking, instant messaging, e-mail and calendars, so you no longer have to waste time going to a lot of sites individually. With the Samsung Galaxy S keep in touch with friends and family easy and convenient. With integrated functions such as sending messages, you can set up automatic synchronization, as well as to check the message history on all websites and social networks in the IM-chats in one window.

Layar augmented reality browser

By activating the Layar augmented reality browser on the phone Samsung Galaxy S, you can take pictures of the surrounding countryside to the built-in camera phone and immediately get the schema of the street showing all the useful objects (POI). After selecting an object, you can view the address, phone number, get pricing information and more details. Thanks to the cooperation of companies Samsung and Tele Atlas with phone Samsung Galaxy S is open access to a wealth of useful objects.


samsung galaxy s i9000

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