Review Motorola Defy
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Review Motorola Defy


Soon the future is waiting for a vassortimente "shock-proof" smartphone otkompanii Motorola-Defy.

Let's start skomplektatsii Motorola Defy:

• Motorola DEFY
• MicroUSB cable
• Charger
• 3,5 mm stereo headset
• Leadership
• Instruction igarantiyny ticket
• MicroSD card na2GB


Positioned as a durable type of smartphones, it's actually the second nasamom Android «strong» Motorola Smartphone Motorola after i1dlya iBoost Sprint Mobile. Two-color hard plastic case feels strongly enough. The case will protect your phone otgryazi ipyli, which can be washed off under running water.

Vtelefone a display size of 3.7 inches 480 × 854 pixels as vMotorola Droid2, which boasts an unusually good image quality (even in direct sunlight) and a large viewing angles for both the TFT display. The display has traditionally been developed for Android smartphones Motorola is covered with a protective glass GorillaGlass.

Under the screen mynablyudaem 4sensornyh button:

· Menu

· Home

· Back

· Search

They react naprikosnovenie great Naugatuck as they are located very close to the edge smartphone, accidentally pressed inevitable.

As smartphone dust ivlagonepronitsaemye, MicroUSB port and 3, 5mm audio jack plugs are protected.

Onto the rear of the phone is a 5 megapixel camera savtofokusom isvetodiodnoy flash. The latch seals the back cover to nepopala ipyl moisture. Hidden under the back cover battery ikarta MicroSD, supported by volume do32GB, Bundle is a MicroSD card 2GB.


Under tough exterior hides a processor i512MB TIOMAP3610 800MHz RAM, which together provide a sufficient level of performance, netakoy high as naMotorola Droid X. However, disappointing, do the same smartphone comes sAndroid2.1s own Motorolovskim interface MotoBlur, vtovremya most new phones have come sAndroid2.2.

Of course there is Google Talk, onyavlyaetsya osnovnymPO instant messaging, especially when ontesno integrates with the other applications and comprise vsebya IMprilozhenie phone that runs sAIM (ICQ), MySpaceIM, Windows Live Messenger andYahoo Messenger.

In addition to the basic Android application naDefy, vymozhete find some pre-installed applications, such as Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, Amazon Kindle, Quickoffice, iTeleNav for the GPS-navigation.

The camera interface is exactly as takoyzhe ivposlednih models of Motorola, such as Charm iFlipOut, but the quality of the camera Defy is much higher. Iznedostatkov camera can be called retardation autofocus. The camera shoots video smaksimalnym resolution 640 × 480. Of course, I want to see nanem shooting HDvideo. We can assume that vproshivke Swersey Android2.2 will semkaHD video 720p.


Play video Motorola Defy very high quality ibez brakes. Encoded videos in the Format MPEG-4 at 1280 × 720 display vustoychivom pace with no signs of a pause.

Image Gallery vportretnom mode displays the contents vsetki, aesli turn it vgorizontalny myuvidim interface mode scroll through the images.

Contact iInternet:

Motorola Defy runs in a four-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) ivtreh UMTS bands (900/1700/2100MHz). Plus also yavlyaetsyato that vtelefone supports aGPS technology.

Vbrauzere not fully support Adobe Flash10.1, since it is only possible vversii Android2.2. However, you should give credit to the producer has arranged Flash Lite. Motorola Defy in the state as a whole to provide a decent web browsing.

Vtelefone battery capacity 1540 mAh technology Li-Po. Grabs his na6chasov vrezhime conversation i400 hours vrezhime expectations.

For those who want to "unkillable" functional Android smartphone, Motorola Defy inepovtorimy the only option.


Review Motorola Defy

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