Toyshop Adventures - You have to help the store owner who has lost their marbles to find them. To do this, the shop owner will give you one of his favorite toys, you have to spend a lot of different games, obstacles and puzzles. Find all the lost balls, avoiding the electrically charged nanobots, and open the secret room.


Bug Village - It's a small world of beetles on android, where you build this world with the help of active ants and busy bees! Built houses attract new bugs and close to a settlement in the garden, they will gather resources to expand your settlement. Take care of your beetles, feeding them, to save energy and health ...


Game FRONTLINE COMMANDO: D-DAY is another masterpiece from the beloved by many development teams Glu-Mobile, which is not the first work for the android users and delight us with new and great games. So this time, you will find a great shooter with a first-person, which is set during the Second World War, you have to play well for the Allied forces, captured by invading French territory.


Game SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE 2 tells us how zombies came back, but came back and samurai, this time taking their friends if they would have a chance to win a zombie now? The defending his village from the hordes of zombies and demons, working through all the possible options and holding until the last drop of blood.


CONTRACT KILLER ZOMBIES 2 is the logical continuation of the story of an assassin, superimposed on the zombie apocalypse. The game has already become a cult in some circles, is gaining momentum and do not even think to retreat, meet new graphics and new features!


DRAGON SLAYER game is an absolute hit from professionals Glu Mobile, has already released a lot of useful and interesting for your android. Take the challenge and fight the most majestic and dangerous creature from the world of fantasy.


Game CONTRACT KILLER is the story of two hired ubyitsy, for which you have to play, or rather the continuation of the story ... Your name - Jack Griffin and the profession you are not going to change, on the contrary, go to the new jobs that are interesting and challenging.


Game Deer Hunter Reloaded is the most realistic hunting simulator to date. For all who love to shoot in production, but there is no possibility of such animals or real pity - this is for you.


Contract Killer - In this game you are a hired killer, who performs a variety of missions to destroy the order of objects. Simply select the weapon, aim and we will fight your target spot.


STAR BLITZ - defeat all of your enemies with mezhdugalakticheskogo spacecraft. Destroy your enemy you only if you use the whole arsenal full.


Big Time Gangsta - Create your coolest gang of street thugs and ex-cons. To survive and thrive in these dangerous areas to capture territory and kill rivals. You can only earn illegally.


DEATH DOME game is crazy action in the vast ruined and ravaged city, where your enemies - who are all around you and you do not have goals, you just want to survive. Can you survive this circle of hell?

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