LG Optimus 2X
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LGOptimus 2Xpoyavitsya inEurope InMarch, a little later than the deadline
European adherents of dual-core devices have long been promised that they will get their LGOptimus2X, but the delivery schedule of the Korean company, apparently, slightly shifted, as today myuzhe goodbye fromFebruary iuspeshno moved InMarch. However, there is a well news LGbukvalno naserdtse honestly, without fail, exactly promises to deliver its new Optimus 2X «naklyuchevye European markets" already InMarch this year. The unit will be equipped with platform Froyo, but the company clearly has promised to implement vbuduschem doGingerbread update, which should save buyers otstraha stay smoschnym, noustarevshim device into the hands. Vposledny times the price naLGOptimus 2Xv German branch of Amazon was about € 500


LG Optimus 2X

2011/03/04 12:17
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