Revenues Android Market hit record
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Revenues Android Market hit record


Revenues Android Market hit record

Experts have repeatedly called the Android platform one iznaibolee dynamic as narynke devices, inarynke mobile applications. Specialists research firm IHS, examining the market for mobile applications in a period 2009 - 2010goda, called Android Market povyruchke the fastest growing app store, the proceeds of which are literally zaodin narekordnye year increased 861.5%.

Thus, according to statistics IHS, the undisputed leader among the shops of mobile applications is still otkompanii App Store Apple, sdohodom v2010, nearly $ 1.8 billion. But judging potempam development vsravnenii s2009godom, income App Store vprotsentnom ratio shows the lowest result of the order of 132%. Second place belongs to the store podinamike growth of Nokia Ovi Store spokazatelem 719.4% zakotorym be BlackBerry App World i360%.

2009 2010

Google Android Market $ 11,000,000 $ 102,000,000 861.5%

Noka Ovi Store $ 13,000,000 $ 105,000,000 719.4%

BlackBerry App World $ 36,000,000 $ 165,000,000 360.3%

Apple App Store $ 769,000,000 $ 1,782,000,000 131.9%


Revenues Android Market hit record

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