why "break" your phone on Android
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why "break" your phone on Android


«To root or not to root» or what "break" your phone on Android

Most manufacturers offer their own versions of shells, aimed at simplifying the life of users. It yields results, that's why in the IV quarter of 2010, Android has become the best-selling operating system. But thanks to the fact that the operating system code is open, it still has Android native to all Tehnomaniya and tehnogikov. Well, what the real geek does not want to be root-ohm (root)?

That is why among hackers fans after the next Android phone is a new kind of competition - who will be able to quickly bypass the security and hack phone. That is to root. Needless to say that sometimes the phone "break" before the official release on the market. Some manufacturers (HTC, Motorola) are trying to deal with it, coming up with new ways of protection. But as you know, for every lock there is a skeleton key. Of course, such a break more often, although not always mean a loss of warranty on the phone. Therefore, "rutovat" smartphone is only after weighing all the pros and cons.

Perhaps it makes no sense to talk about methods to obtain root privileges - they are specific to each phone and are easily found on the Internet. Recently, this procedure has become as simple as possible, often enough to download a special application on the phone (ZxRoot, OneClick root) and pressing a single button. But the main question is not how to get the root, to understand why you need it. We will try to describe the main tasks that can be solved with the help of "rutovaniya" phone.

The task number 1. Removal of screenshots

For some reason, Android developers felt that taking pictures with the phone's screen might need only to programmers. Because most phones (except for a series of Samsung Galaxy) in order to take a screenshot need to download the software development kit (Android SDK) and connect your phone to your computer. Understandably, this is not always convenient. For "rutovannyh" phones, there are several applications that solve this problem.

ShootMe (Free) - a simple and convenient program that allows you to capture screen "shaking" the phone or after the "loud cry" on the phone. Photos saves to a memory card. Also claim to support removal of screencasts.

PicMe (Free) - performs the same task, but even more makes life easier for the user. Now you do not need to shout to your phone - just over the network (you can even via Internet) to go to the address that you indicate and why is it already in the computer.

The task number 2. Allocate memory for applications

Unfortunately, Google and many phone makers did not anticipate that users may need to have both on the phone a few dozen applications. Or maybe they just did not consider that the development of applications operating under it will become bulkier. Because many users can very quickly see a warning that the internal memory on the device ends. And when this happens, the phone starts behaving badly and may even lead to refuse to accept SMS. Part of the problem has been fixed in the latest updates OS Android, allowing you to move applications to the memory card. But not all applications can be transferred, and users still never enough. "Rutovanny" the phone allows you to move all applications without exception. In addition, many third-party firmware can move the cache system on the memory card, allowing release of more than 150 MB of internal memory. To manage the place to install software you can use the Move2SD Enabler (Free).

Task number three. Purchase applications in the Android Market

For some reason, a couple with Google Open Handset Alliance Ukraine disliked. We are not yet available for paid applications in the Android Market. But despite the across-the dominance of piracy, often want to buy this or that program at least in order to thank the author for his work. And then it just have to root phone handy.

With two similar programs Market Enabler (Free, Donate) and Market Access (Free) you can "trick» Android Market, posing as a citizen of Russia, the United States or any other country for which paid applications are already available. The first of these is available right in the Android Market, the second - on the corresponding website. Their work is the same. Choosing what to emulate the operator and, voila, the market appears to paid applications and the opportunity to buy them. Currency depends on the operator.

Task number 4. Third-party firmware

The manufacturer decided not to release an update to your beloved phone? Or maybe there is a desire to overclock my phone, add missing features to put on your vehicle "pure android", membrane NTS Sence or Samsung Toughch Wiz? Or heard about the famous hacker Cyanogen, which collects the firmware on the phones which are much faster and longer running on battery? Then the direct path to Android-specialized forums. The most popular on the Russian space http://4pda.ru/forum, but on a world scale - http://forum.xda-developers.com. There it is easy to find the maximum number of different firmware from almost any phone and with all possible features. Sometimes it's really helpful. Samsung Galaxy Tab on third-party firmware is dispersed almost doubled.

Most often, third-party firmware installed through the so-called Recovery Mode. Install a third-party recovery, make a full backup of the system and select podhodyaoe. firmware program will help Rom Manager.

Since its difficult way for third-party firmware, it is advised to stock up on the program Titanium Backup, which saves all installed applications with data and system settings such as custom dictionary or password to wifi points to a memory card. Also, you can set automatic backups of all applications and settings on a schedule.

OBJECTIVE 5. Ad Blockers.

Most of the developers to recoup their costs of creating free applications are placed in their advertising. This is certainly their right, but sometimes advertising is impeding or just bored. Fortunately, on rutovannom phone can get rid of most of the banners in applications. Make this program will help Adfree Android, which simply blocks access to the smartphone ad server.


We have listed the main tasks that can be solved by getting root-access to their Android-based smartphone. As you can see, none of them is nothing vital and it is possible to do so, provided that the manufacturer. So getting the right "super user" can not be considered a priority or even a necessary task for the buyer. This is the only way to extend the functionality of your device.


why "break" your phone on Android

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