how to install the application on android
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how to install the application on android


When you first buy the phone android, many are faced sproblemoy when don `t know how to set the desired imprilozhenie. It's very simple. There is a minimum 3sposoba:

1) The easiest is to go vMarket, find the desired program or game iposle how vyprinyali "permission", it automatically starts the jump iustanovka this application. Also through the Market can zapuskatto that vyustanovili. In addition there is an automatic update checking + notification if a new version is found.

2) The second method-load the downloaded file extension apk nakartochku memory, then go vstandartny browser ivbit: content :/ / / sdcard / games and progs / igra.apk, where games and progs - folder lying nakartochke memory and igra.apk-name of the installed application. Throw the file in the appointed folder optionally be directly rooted card. After vypravilno vobet way kfaylu, click "Run", iprilozhenie established.

3) Last, I used method is to throw the downloaded apk file you opyatzhe nakartochku memory, then open any file manager (in the standard LG p500 is ThinkFree, or download any other, for example, - Astro), find the file you ipristupit kustanovke, simply click ponemu. (Or Press -> Open App Manager -> Install, if vyispolzuete Astro).


how to install the application on android

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