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Android and Google

The story began in October 2003, in the State of California. While Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White - came from telecommunications giants (Dander, Wildfire, T-Mobile, WebTV) - a startup founded to develop applications for mobile ustroystv.Novoispechennoy company was given the name Android.Cherez two years in July 2005, the company sees Google and buys it for an undeclared amount. The founders continue to work in Android Inc, but under the control of the internet giant. David Lowe, vice president of corporate development for Google called the purchase a "better deal Google».

Development and production

In early November 2007, Google announced the creation of its own mobile system, open source under the name Android.Odnovremenno this was based business alliance Open Handset Alliance, which includes companies such as Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung , LG, T-Mobile, Nvidia, Wind River Systems and others. Its aim is to develop open standards for mobile devices. For 12 number was released the first version of the Android SDK (m3-rc20a), and after Google announced a competition «Android Developer Challenge», with a prize fund of U.S. $ 10 million. The task of the competition - to create their favorite mobile application. Events were held in 2008 and ended with 50 finalists for the award large cash prizes (25-275 thousand dollars) .23 September 2008 goes Android SDK 1.0 r1, and a month Open Handset Alliance released the source code of the system Android.V release includes both the operating system and middleware, and key end applications written in Java. The total Android source code at 2.1 GB. "Preferred license" in the Android source code is the Apache License 2.0.Iskhodny code is available on the Android platform source.android.comNa next day went on sale the first smartphone running on the operating system Android 1.0 «Applebread "(apple pie). system based on the kernel Linux 2.6.25. The device is manufactured by HTC and bore the name of T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream). Also on this day, it was announced on the opening Android Market - Online shopping applications from Google.

The company's problems

Not without its problems. In October 2010, Oracle sued Google. Oracle lawyers argued that the source code of Android containing the patented Oracle elements, and demanded compensation for damages in the amount of 2.6 billion dollarov.Posle several hearings, the court issued a decision on the revision of the amount of compensation, indicating the starting point of 100 million dollarov.Pozzhe representatives of Google asked the agency of the Department of Commerce's (USPTO), to review the claims of the software giganta.I, it seems, the attempt was quite successful: in the course of re-examination USPTO rejected 17 of 21 patent claims. The court hearing, which may close the matter is scheduled for October 2011 goda.V same month Steve Jobs Android accused of "fragmentation." In its opinion on the Android operating too many devices, it is an obstacle in the development of applications for this OS.

Android today

At the beginning of 2011 was announced the third one version of Android - Honeycomb. Released on February 22. The system is aimed at tablets. C version 3.1 an opportunity to connect and add-USB-ustroystva.Byl completely redesigned interface, it has become more suitable for large ekranov.No future is not in place, and now May 10, 2011 at the conference Google I / O 2011 has been declared out of the Android system 4.0.Iz known changes should be noted that the version 4.0 is maintained for tablets and PDAs, and other devices based on the declared Android.Takzhe optimization of multi-core system.

This is interesting

And by the end of the article - some interesting facts:
  • In early 2011, the number of applications exceeded 200,000
  • Android users on average are men, often young - 75%, 54% are under the age of 35 years from 55 years and above - 8%.
  • There has been more than 150 million activations of devices based on Android OS
  • Each version of the system is named after a dessert
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    history of android

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