Google has updated Google+ app for Android
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Google has updated Google+ app for Android


Just recently, Google announced the launch of the procedure of verification of accounts of social network Google+. First of all, check for authenticity will be more famous figures, which is logical, but the administration of the project promises, the site will not be twins, no celebrities, no counterparts ordinary users.
Confirming the authenticity of the account will serve as a mark verified name (confirmed name), which excludes the possibility of creating a profile for the animals of different groups, as well as twin stars. As punishment, web developers have promised an elementary account deletion. In addition, the developers said the release of updates for client access Google+ for Android and iPad.
Mobile application Google+, the updated version 1.0.6, has a more improved performance, the addition of some new features, fix bugs, and various support 38-mi languages ​​spoken in the world. The program is now available for free download from the Android Market, for devices running on the platform of Android 2.1 and above.


Google has updated Google+ app for Android

2011/08/27 20:07
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