Google is preparing a conspiracy against
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Google is preparing a conspiracy against


Against the corporation Google is preparing a conspiracy - that's a conclusion reached by the General Counsel and Vice President of the search engine, David Drummond (David Drummond). In particular, in his blog, Mr. Drummond says that by manipulating various patents, a number of IT-companies are trying to raise the cost of Android-devices, thereby making them unprofitable for manufacturers.
Judge in June, Google tried to buy patents at the time the bankrupt of Novell, however, unexpectedly united Microsoft and Apple, have offered a much higher amount for the package patent application developer. A similar situation occurred when a searcher wished to acquire patents Nortel.
Surprisingly, there is always competing Microsoft and Apple have suddenly become allies around common goals, namely, according to David Drummond, the destruction of the Android platform due to patent litigation and payment of license fees.
The other day, the U.S. Justice Department launched an investigation into the true causes of the acquisition of a package of patents Nortel. In the event that will be proven that the use of patents to fight with Google, the deal can be canceled.


Google is preparing a conspiracy against

2011/08/06 14:53
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