Nintendo and DeNA Corp., now together for android!
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Nintendo and DeNA Corp., now together for android!


Without a doubt, Nintendo is one of the oldest gaming companies, you will not believe, but they release the game with ... 1889! It is difficult to imagine given that the first computer games appeared only at the end of the next century, but it was a little bit easier, they issued ordinary playing cards in a special Japanese style. It is no secret that the company was founded and continues to exist in Japan, and we all know in this country they honor tradition and experience of past generations. But it is the tradition of marginalization caused by the wayside Nintendo consoles Play Station and X-box and a host of other competitors.

The entire gaming industry is now engaged in an infinite race for technology - graphics, performance, realism, effects ... but not Nintendo, they are still those conservatives! You know what the game is now released 20 years ago on this could only dream of, but Nintendo still produces Mario ... obviously someone has to do it and it's their heritage, and their pride in their niche they are the best, that's just audience of fans of the old games decreases every year, but when you consider that Nintendo produces modern consoles - it becomes difficult to realize them, well, seriously, who would buy the console to play Mario? It is clear when finances are not limited to buy all consoles and play any games on the mood, but more often before geymperom worth a serious choice that for obvious reasons falls on something revolutionary and modern, so conservatives are losing. Now think, is now the most popular classic games? It's true! On mobile devices, and it has a lot of reasons, so that Nintendo was decided to close our eyes to some of its principles and begin to produce games for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, united in a fairly well-known company DeNA Corp.

Who are DeNA Corp.?
Not the most famous, but still remarkable game developer, you can know them by such games as Godus, Blood Brothers, Transformers and others. Overall - I wish successful collaboration and productivity, where all that is never enough!

What eventually wait?
Culture and Nintendo games definitely come to the location of the android, so this year we can expect sales hit - Mario Kart may zatochat Legend of Zelda and much more, not less interesting, I, in turn, necessarily will post reviews of their joint creative work on our website, so stay tuned and choose the best!


Nintendo and DeNA Corp., now together for android!

2015/03/20 11:22
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