Applications for Android Wear
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Applications for Android Wear


Hello! With the official release of Android Wear and the first intelligent clock more than a month, during which time the store Google Play, a whole section of applications especially for handheld gadgets. In this video we look at the most interesting and useful applications from third-party developers. Let's go

Customization - One of the main advantages of the operating system Android, and was born Wear Mini Launcher. The main idea launcher quick opening relevant applications and functions. So for fast available to your applications need to do swipe from the top left side of the screen. If you do this operation once you get into the quick settings menu, where you can fine-tune the brightness, turn on wifi and other functions on the phone. Also in the field is displayed in hours and charge your smartphone.

The following application browser, it is at an early stage of development, so it works is not very stable, but the idea and realization strikes. Initial menu consists of a list of websites visited with Google Chrome. By the way everything is displayed perfectly, then you have discovered a tablet, smartphone or even your PC. By clicking on the desired site it starts to boot, as long as it does not happen very quickly, even if you have a good internet connection. Sites are scaled by the clock screen, so some just not convenient to use.

Appendix 3, but rather a game that I want to tell you Floppsy Droid, is a clone of the famous Flappy Bird. You need to control a flying androidikom and fly obstacles. By the way, in spite of the small screen, the game is pretty comfortable.

Following application, in my opinion, is a very comfortable and fun. Music Boss for Wear is a player based on the swipe. To start the music you do not need to get a smartphone from his pocket, simply download Ok google launch music boss. Phone is necessary only when you first start to select the program from which the music is played. I note that the application is opened on top of all the cards, you can not swipe to close, to exit you can just cover up the screen palm. After opening the Music Boss you get to the main menu. To switch tracks to do swipe horizontally to increase the volume in the vertical, but if you need to put a pause just touch the screen. The design is minimalist and clear at the top shows the picture album and the time at the bottom of the song title and artist.

And finally, talk about the app Eco Wear Song Search. This is analogous to Shazam, which is also looking for track information and artist. All information is displayed in the notification of the smartphone.

Good luck!


Applications for Android Wear

2014/08/14 11:35
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