Angry Birds are used to spread malware
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Angry Birds are used to spread malware


By Doctor Web, he discovered a new type of virus, called Android.Plankton, to spread the attacker used one of the most popular applications, game Angry Birds. In particular, as explained by experts of the company, through the installed application Angry Birds Rio Unlock, provides access to hidden levels of the original version, the Trojan sends Android.Plankton ID of the mobile device to the remote server that receives a response code generated by malicious software, which, in its all, a very successful runs in stealth mode. In its role as a node botnet, Android.Plankton regularly carries out a series of commands, such as sending your history or other personal information, download the advanced features for the application, for example, root-exploits, collecting information about user accounts, or installing or removing shortcuts, etc. . Danger of the malware is that the game Angry Birds is very popular among owners of Android-devices. To date, only the application store Android Market Angry Birds Rio Unlock downloaded more than 150 million people, not to mention the alternative resource sharing applications, where analysts have counted at least 250 thousand downloads of the program.


Angry Birds are used to spread malware

2011/06/12 00:03
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