How to install applications and games on Android?
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How to install applications and games on Android?


After the start of official sales of HTC Hero naterritorii Russian upolzovateley sooner or later there is a lot of questions. First ipozhaluy one izsamy hvazhnyh ichasto asked questions: the question of Otomi how to install additional programs naHTC Hero iigry? Where can I download these same programs for iigry HTCHero? How to uninstall the application so on ... That's just today myrasskazhem iotvetim questions on the ever Otomi, how to install software vHTC nabaze Hero Google Android, atakzhe pore komenduem list of the most popular programs for installation naHTC Hero Android. In addition, due to the temporary absence of Android Market nakommunikatorah HTCHero, distributed inRussia, mypredlagaem opportunity ustnavlivat APK-sprogrammami packages for Android directly snashego site who will be able to install vyslegkostyu naofitsialnuyu Russian firmware installed device appears to be even. Nonestoit so upset popovodu lack of Android Market-it is a temporary phenomenon iprodlitsya very long, especially since the new firmware we promise to show vsentyabre already this year, which will include vsebya ssinhronizatsiey Gmail contacts, Google Talk, Google Maps, YouTube iglavnoe software catalog Android Market. Setting naAndroid programs. Method 1 One izsamyh easiest ways is to use the program HTCSync, which allows you to install any application for Android, downloaded izInterneta or done independently. Executable files have a resolution *. Apk. Example: AppsInstaller.apk, jabiru.apk, icq.apk so on ... 1.Locate iustanovite up HTC Sync nawashi computer. Find eemozhno nakartochke memory supplied with sapparatom or download snashego site: HTC Sync v2.0.28
To install Android applications skompyutera need vokne SETUP check the box "Unknown sources". To check, click: HOME> MENU, then Settings-> Applications. 2. Connect your phone kkompyuteru using the supplied USB-cable. Note: vtelefone check otobrazhaetsyali voblasti notification of the status bar icon (), confirming that HTC Sync recognizes the phone. 3. Click Application Installer. 4. Vekrane Installer application, click Next. 5. Click Browse to select the file to install. After selecting the file, click Next. 6. Click Finish. Check neotobrazhayutsyali vtelefone additional guidance pozaversheniyu installation. Installing software naAndroid. Method 2: To install the software vHTC Hero needs AppsInstaller-package manager is a program for installing applications sflesh card namobilny phone running Android OS. 1. Download AppsInstaller nakompyuter iustanovite him on the phone using the method for setting programm.1. See above. AppsInstaller v0.2.1 - Android Download for free:
2. To install the program (*. Apk file) - download it izapishite nasmenny media (SDkartu). 3. Then run AppsInstaller namobilnom phone ivstavte map vtelefon. The program will scan SDkartu, making all files in list srasshireniem apk installed. 4. Next, click the program you nanuzhnuyu izspiska ion established naustroystvo! NaAndroid Installing applications on the Internet. Method 3 with help of HTC Hero download a file srasshireniem *. Apk nawashi card ivospolzuytes AppsInstaller program for installation of the program naustroystvo. How to use AppsInstaller-see2 Remove Programs naGoogle Android: To uninstall applications: Nadesktope select Menu => Settings => Applications => Manage applications. Remove. Or hold the application a few seconds apotom lead down kknopochke "Delete."


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