Success of the Android platform
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Success of the Android platform


Google Android operating system is developing very fast. Dynamics of new versions irasprostraneniya devices naeeosnove jumping ents can only envy. Just recently been announced is the third full version of Isamu time to look narazvitieOS vtsifrah.

The most common complaints people irazrabotchikovPO causes segmentation operating system. The rapid development has led to the existence of devices kodnovremennomu nakardinalno different versions of the OS. Therefore Nevso devices available to support the new capabilities of the platform is not available for older versions of a large number of interesting software. But the situation is gradually leveling off, most of the devices are already running the latest Android2.2.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, Android came on the first place among the smartphone operating systems iobognal traditional leader-Nokia. Posravneniyu schetvertym quarter of 2009 grew by a stunning 600protsentov. The increase was vosnovnom expense of Nokia, also suffered RIM (Blackberry) iMicrosoft (Windows Mobile). Nemenee rapidly eShop applications for this platform. Although users iznayut that the number is still very slowly develops into a quality. Meanwhile nemenee, Nada moment vAndroid Market for more than 200 thousand irastet almost poeksponente. Almost every month the number of added programs increase over the previous corresponding period.

This enthusiasm programmers deserve respect. After the successful examples of earnings vAndroid Market is still extremely small. Daisi fully functional store away nenavseh markets, Ukraine glaring example. Distribution paid ibesplatnyh programs among already loaded is: As you can see, most of the programs is the number of downloads <50 while rasperedelenie free / paid is about 50/50. Avot mass, zaredkim exceptions, are free programs.

Meanwhile nemenee, kolichetsvo wanting to write for Android undiminished. Porezultatam survey that outputting, below Android want to write about everything. Vtovremya as interest kSymbian has almost no razrabotchikiPO invisible vney prospects.

Of greatest interest to users is to be expected cause the game, it accounts for most of nanih downloads vAndroid Market.

It is significant that far Nevso downloaded the program receive a second chance. Almost a quarter is run only once. The data for all platforms, notonly for Android.

And a little statistics poUkraine. Nadav moment we do not have estimates differently country has about 70,000 devices nabaze Android OS. Filed upokupateley now have a choice of devices iztridtsati otvosmi manufacturers. The average cost ranges ot1500 do6000griven.

Vblizhayshee time will be the flagship otSony Ericsson iLG, atakzhe scattering models midrange otkompanii Samsung. Avot when it launched a full-fledged Android Market is difficult to say.



Success of the Android platform

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