Whisper Monitor
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A hacker and computer security expert, someone Moxie Marlinspike, developed a program for the platform Android, able to continuously monitor network activity unit, called Whisper Monitor. First of all, the firewall Whisper Monitor is designed to intercept and monitor all outbound network connections from the device enables or disables the sending of data to specific addresses or ports, allows you to change the settings for applications to the Web and is endowed with a very convenient reporting function, which preserves all the data (IP-address , port, date and time) of each network connection. In addition to its main task, the functional Whisper Monitor allows users to prevent location tracking and block sending data to servers corporation Google. Currently firewall Whisper Monitor is in beta-testing, and so far only compatible with two models of smart phones Android - Nexus One and Nexus S, which will be fixed in the near future.


Whisper Monitor

2011/05/08 11:21
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