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Ashworld is an action game for an android, which will sound very modest, of course, because it's very interesting to tell about the game, so it's better to start with the developers who breathed life into this idea!

And prepared it in a studio we know called OrangePixel, many of the projects that have already reached our site, it's also important that most of them remain popular, because many like the classics, even if it is a blurry set of pixels, but that's another history...

What else do you need to know about Ashworld? I do not know, officially or not, but everything that happens is reminiscent of the classics of the genre "thrash horror" in cinema and the famous 1981 film "The Evil Dead", as well as two more parts of the film and even the series that was shot in this franchise. The only difference is that there are players waiting for the open world where you can go anywhere and almost on an equal footing to get into the next accident, you can get out of it thanks to a good arsenal of weapons, with which there are clearly no problems, the choice is impressive, as you know, you should not disdain any manifestations of cold weapons, even if it's a boomerang ... And you know, in general, all this sounds great, because few will refuse such adventures, but as usual, there were some problems .. .

And the problem here is a bunch of two important factors, in any case, in my opinion. The game is paid, that for this studio the price is quite high, for four dollars on an android you can buy a lot, but the graphics were somehow strange, making it "too classic." I'm not against the pixels in the games, it's not just the whole genre of pixel-art that has appeared, however, everything seems to be somehow too much, sometimes it will be difficult for you to understand what's happening on the screen at all. Of course, you get used to it, but is this how it should be in a paid game?


  • A large, open world in which you can enter buildings, communicate, fight and travel
  • A mass of interesting weapons, starting with a boomerang and ending with a plasma cannon
  • Set of caves and secret locations
  • A variety of vehicles, each with a "character"
  • The plot, broken into missions and a pile of supporting content, so you do not get bored when you go through the storyline
  • A lot of items that can be stored in inventory and there is a possibility of crafting!

Disadvantages of the game:

  • The game is paid, will cost 4 dollars, plus, the graphics will not be liked by everyone

Bottom line: Ashworld's game deserves attention at least for the reason that the developers did a great job thinking over the world, tasks, equipment and an incredible amount of other content, however, the fact that the game eventually looks like and how much it can scare away many potential fans. However, the developers probably understand this too, so, the game is for the elite;)





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2018/01/13 10:19
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