Farm Fun Those Days
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Farm Fun Those Days


I think, but literally every self-respecting developer anyway, but ran his farm, which somehow, though not always, different from hundreds of others, and that developers HeroCraft Ltd did not miss the opportunity to catch a portion of the fans, farm people are very fond of! So there was a game of Funny Farm Those Days, which is really different from the majority.

Main feature of the gameplay of the farm lies in the fact that all actions will occur on the same screen, no need to build a lot of buildings, and then the clock rewinding screen in their possessions, this game is really focused on mobile devices, so that the play will be convenient, this is nice , is not it so?
Such restrictions are not severely affected animals extent, you are waiting for the chickens, pigs, cows and some other members, such as loved by all cat and dog, by the way, the dog plays an important role here - it protects chickens from foxes, who also settled in these parts.
And again, in spite of its compact size, you will expand their production, pumping his farm and trying to make as much as possible the production, in fact this is the main task of a successful farmer - a lot of high-quality and natural products! By the way, this product will be quite tasty, it is cheese, like cheese?


  • a large number of very cute animals
  • positive sea and smiles awaits you
  • many levels, addictive game for a long time
  • several varieties of fun factory
  • Consider a unique strategy that will lead you to victory!

games Disadvantages:

  • maybe it's not the usual farm, but it is really compact!
  • but as in any other farm, there is a place for Donat ...

The bottom line: Those Days Fun Farm is ideal for smartphones, it is actually designed for them, and you will quickly appreciate it, download the game absolutely free, in principle, you can do without Donato ... but it's up to you;)


Farm Fun Those Days


3.99★ 79.8%

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2016/10/01 13:43
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