Dead Shell: dungeon dead
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Dead Shell: dungeon dead


Game Dead Shell: Dead dungeon this representative role-playing genre on Android, which is getting wider and wider, and for the most part at the expense of traditional representatives, and not trendy options. This game is also prepared developers HeroCraft Ltd, who love all genres, literally, inside and out!

Like any classic role-playing game that turned out to be a pixel that certainly upset many players, but will remain the biggest fans, and at the moment their number is active close to a hundred thousand, so join you!

The game takes place in the distant future, when you can work even in space, that's where you work and only work your safe call does not work. You play the role of a commander of the detachment, the detachment of mercenaries, ready to any risks for the proper fee. So you and catches rabotenka on a distant planet Doom-4, one name you do not mind? And the work itself is questionable - to destroy all the monsters in a huge maze that this planet is literally littered. So we come to a confrontation, where on one side of your squad, armed with modern weapons, and on the other side of a huge number of creatures living in the dark labyrinths ...
And where does the hardcore, you ask? And besides, this game apart from the gameplay involves difficult RogueLike a system where you can not save or restart the level, in this case the death is death, after which have to start completely anew, ready for this?


  • Dungeons are generated automatically, every time you will find something new
  • If someone says that there is a hell, I'll say that this is an understatement!
  • a huge arsenal of weaponry, best known for a series of games Doom
  • a large selection of mercenaries, which you can equip your squad
  • Suck his men, and maybe you will be able to get out of there alive

games Disadvantages:

  • There is a small Donat

Bottom line: I love games like Dead Shell: the dungeon of the dead, they just look, even clumsy, if you please, but in this case, the game does offer down now hellish inferno, nothing else!


Dead Shell: dungeon dead



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2016/10/01 12:20
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