Game Red Ball 3 is a arcade game for Android in which you have to manage the red ball (which in general is reflected in the title) and hold it through the great adventure that is for us to prepare developers HeroCraft Ltd, with whom we have previously learned about on our website they do all sorts of games, but somehow, the game they have quality!

Gameplay here can seem quite familiar, especially when you consider that this is a platformer, but personally I like the classics, as practice shows, that it is thus "immortal" in that you can play for hours and even years, and the game is not perceived as something something old, it is perceived positively, and this is important. Everything is broken into levels, each of which can be very interesting and even difficult, in any case, if you're not a fan of hardcore, about which we'll talk today certainly.
Anyway, at each level you are waiting for the trap, the complexity of which varies from level to level, so that even small at first glance, the number (total of 20), in fact, is quite sufficient, and this game is not intended to be exhaustive, to spend years on your smartphone. However, it has also replayability as each level you can go to one, two or three stars, which for the level you need to collect, and you will be able to collect all the stars?


  • two dozen levels
  • Each level is a little different from the previous one, giving you a new and interesting experience
  • many surprises
  • platforming classic is always in vogue
  • Collect all the stars on each level
  • You get all the bonuses that are provided here

games Disadvantages:

  • so how can there be disadvantages? Even Donata no!

The result: a great arcade game! If you want a laid-back gameplay that truly enables you to relax - I recommend to pay attention to the game Red Ball 3 and the following part of Red Ball 4, which the review has been on our website a little earlier;)


Red Ball 3



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2016/10/01 10:58
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