Deus Ex GO
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Game Deus Ex GO is a turn-based strategy for the android from the well-known developers, the name of which SQUARE ENIX Ltd, with whom we have previously encountered. If anyone remembers, projects such as Tomb Raider game port on android, HITMAN GO, LARA CROFT GO, and some others, then you already know what to expect from this game ...
Anyway, this is not a shooter with a first-person, as it was before. Now everything is different, and the original game, which appeared 16 years ago is gone. However, the need remains to be invisible and decoration in the style of cyberpunk too left, so that, in general, many will be happy to see this project to android, especially in this game will have to think a lot, and we do fit!

By the way, as well as many other projects on the development of data, this turned out to be paid, and he, for some unknown reason, more than all the rest, the price is almost $ 6, but even in this situation the game is worth it!

At first glance, the game is built usual way - a lot of levels, each of which becomes a little more difficult at the end of each level you need to dive into the portal and go to the next, only the mass of dangerous enemies, devious traps, and changing the mechanics will not leave you alone, the whole game you spend on pins and needles, constantly thinking about how best to pass the next level.


  • floor hundreds of long and complex levels
  • each week will go a new level
  • many dangerous enemies and tricky traps
  • work with the environment, changing it to your advantage
  • Use the unique skills of your character to solve some problems
  • interesting and exciting plot

games Disadvantages:

  • No trial version, or pay and play or sit and dream
  • no training
  • with everything else - there is Donat, which can be spent on tips

The result: no matter what the project Deus Ex GO is actively gaining popularity, people buy it, it's not surprising the game was very good, but the greed of developers are very, very confused, because do pay tips in the paid game is the height of cruelty as I think.


Deus Ex GO


4.4★ 88%

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2016/09/16 10:17
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