Hero Siege: Pocket Edition
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Hero Siege: Pocket Edition


Hero Siege Game: Pocket Edition is a mobile version of Hero Siege game, which is practically not lost weight, so to speak, just became much more convenient it is for mobile platforms. It became possible thanks to the efforts of developers Panic Art Studios, who like to drag these games on android, and this time the game is worth the money, and decent. So, if you can find something about 9 dollars, you can buy this game, the trial version is unfortunately no. By the way, the incentive for the PC, this game has sold more than a million, probably, touching a chord with a huge number of fans of the classics.

Minute nostalgia.
It is not difficult to notice that the graphics in the game done in retro style, in spite of the fact that the game was first published in 2003, however, its appearance is very similar to Ultima VII: The Black Gate, which dates back to 1992, so that we have something that looks about 25 years that the game industry is considered to be his advanced age. However, for some it is the dawn of the forces here are games and there.

What is going on here?
To get started all you need to understand that this is not an easy game. There is mixed several genres - slasher, RPG and Roguelike ... Recall that Roguelike means that dying, you lose all the experience and skills of his hero, in fact, have to start all over again, in some cases having received only the remaining inventory. The plot of the game is quite simple, some foolish monks joined all necessary and opened the gates of hell, where is now climbs evil and the devil to rule the world, and you must stop it;)

What we lost on android?
Here is the sad, because in the original game, you would be available as much as 12 character classes, each with unique skills and talents of the tree. In android the number of classes was reduced to 7, however, it is still better than most RPG. In addition, limited and the number of players for multiplayer, and now there are only 4, which is also generally sufficient.


  • play online with friends, multiplayer supports up to 4 players
  • each time the levels, enemies, bosses, drop everything else is randomly generated
  • almost two hundred rare things that may fall out of enemies
  • inventory and accidental loss of things that resembles Diablo
  • eight dozen different enemies, which differ entirely
  • seven character classes with unique skills
  • three decades advances
  • nearly a hundred hats ...
  • There are crypts and dungeons, which are also generated randomly each time
  • Six difficulty levels
  • set of random secrets and peculiarities
  • Full support for game controllers

games Disadvantages:

  • game is distributed exclusively on a fee basis
  • Donat is present ...
  • in comparison with the full version of the game is a little "clipped" ...
Bottom line: despite the fact that the game Hero Siege: Pocket Edition was not only paid, but also a little cut on the content, it's an absolute masterpiece, which causes most of nostalgia is not their appearance or gameplay, but the feeling that we really got back on 25 years ago, when every game was a masterpiece, each game has a special and individual, every game made with love and care, not as it is now ...


Hero Siege: Pocket Edition



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2016/07/13 12:07
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