Take Off The Flight Simulator
2.8 (10)
Take Off The Flight Simulator


Game Take Off The Flight Simulator is a simulator for android in which we have to fly on different planes, carrying a pretty interesting mission. But the point is normally not the case, because the most important thing in the simulator - the ability to feel the tips of his fingers real aircraft, in this case, but to get there the developers to achieve this effect, and we find out.

Prepared by the game developers astragon Entertainment GmbH, which offer for two android simulator, one of which will allow you to control the crane and another review has already been on our site (the game was called TruckSimulation 16). If you remember the previous review about truck simulator, there was all good, but the schedule is slightly let down, but this time we'll get it!

Do not make a beautiful plane and sky - a sin, so that the developers did not take it on yourself, the graphics in the game is excellent, especially if we talk about the details about the surrounding world and model aircraft, which are here quite a lot. Moreover, in addition to good graphics we decided to provide the excellent physics, which really gives a slight sensation of flight and you really have to get used to the management, which is from the aircraft to the aircraft will vary slightly. Among other things, despite the fact that this simulation we did not torture boring gameplay. The first few missions will study, will have to learn to take off, to land and maneuver to cope with the management of emergency situations, but when you pass it open a lot of interesting missions. Some will need to work for photographers, some catch criminals and so on, all tasks very unusual and therefore interesting for that special thank you to the developers!
For the successful execution of missions, you will earn money that can be spent on the purchase of new aircraft and the modernization of existing, in the end, if you overpower accumulate enough money, you can open your airline and buy more large passenger aircraft.


  • 14 aircraft
  • great physics
  • there is a view from the cockpit (each cabin is different)
  • Hawaii beautiful world where you can fly for fun
  • three dozen missions
  • the ability to rise to the level of an entire airline
  • changing weather, aircraft damage, and so on

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is paid, without trial, the price a little less than three dollars
  • Donat is present, which is strange

Bottom line: Take Off The Flight Simulator is a great representative of the genre, it is a pity that charge, it is a pity that a given support, but in fact, the game is worth the money, at least on her obviously tried!


Take Off The Flight Simulator


2.84★ 56.83%

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2016/06/28 12:03
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