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Game Evoland from French developers of Playdigious is a role-playing game for Android in which you will need to pump almost everything from your character (the one is not surprised) to the game itself! Yes, you heard right, the game will need to be pumped, upgrading the graphics, sound and gameplay, a smooth transition from the classic platformer 8-bit to a full and modern 3D world! Of course, such an approach can safely assume that the original, at least a plus, not without it meaning, especially if you follow the game industry.

Originally, this game was created for the PC, but fortunately was able to see the lights and on your Android, in addition, ported it very well, did not raise fundamental linings definitely. In any case, no part of the management of claims, shall we say, then it is a standard, by the way, too, evolves, continuing to be comfortable at every stage of formation.

The plot of the game is hardly outstanding, however, there is not much required. Anyway, our hero has to go a long way in helping the weak and disadvantaged, which is very noble. You will always have the support closest friends, one of which is always ready to bare his sword and fight with you, but the friend will all be treated, so that the company canceled. Also, in some locations, you will meet more help, but get used to it it is not necessary. But the presence of the store in which the game money is quite possible to buy a new armor and various potions - another thing that you will be very useful!
But then again, if you take this game as a classic of RPG, it is unlikely will be something incredible, especially in the vastness of this genre. But that began to play in the eight-bit classics with pixel graphics you are finished in a beautiful modern world ... this is a completely different level, for which the developers want to get a little more than a dollar and are assured that soon the price will change when the discounts end.

Outcome: Evoland game, even though the fact that it is paid, is a unique project, unique personally, I have not yet met. Some games require years and several pieces to pass this way, and you can watch it in one product!




4.79★ 95.83%

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2016/05/26 12:07
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