Forged in Battle: Man at Arms
4.5 (20)
Forged in Battle: Man at Arms


Game Forged in Battle: Man at Arms is a kind of runner who has borrowed some of its gameplay from the slasher, and part from the usual platforming, however, with the games we have previously encountered. Interest in this game has caused literally a couple of features about which I will tell you, but otherwise, the standard horizontal runner ...

The gameplay is based on the need to run forward (or rather from the left side of the screen to the right), smashing a large number of enemies that appear on the right side of the screen. The game is divided into levels, with the passage of which you will get all sorts of bonuses, as money and resources. Here and there the first feature - an unusual way to modernize their weapons, which reduces not only to money and resources accumulation, but also to undergo special mini-games, from which quality depends on the steepness of the weapons, which is a bit like a real random in the blacksmith of those years, when absolutely guaranteed you got something better. The second nice feature - at least some rudiments of combat, which are not peculiar slasher, in any case, you need to understand that when you attack the enemy with spear - it should reflect the shield, and then finish off the enemy, and so on, which will work out a lot of battle techniques, provided a good selection of weapons that you definitely will.
Among other things, the game is drawn very fine weapon, which, as you know, is an important part of the gameplay. He drew a lot better than the characters themselves or the world around us, which generally gives a very average graphics, boast that the game will not be able to.
In general, and the gameplay here is very simple, as well as the realization that unfortunately leads to a situation where a pretty good idea ruined too simple implementation and low Donat, who will offer you different weapons and enhanced modernization.

Outcome: Game Forged in Battle: Man at Arms is suitable if you are looking for a very simple runner which involved someone from the movie "300", but otherwise the game is hardly attractive. But the biggest problem with everything else - it also paid! Price of the game in the region of $ 2.5 and to be honest, I do not recommend spending the money.


Forged in Battle: Man at Arms


4.45★ 89%

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2016/05/06 12:14
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