Toby: The Secret Mine
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Toby: The Secret Mine


Game Toby: The Secret Mine from the developers of Headup Games is the story about the adventures of an unusual character in an even more unusual world, all of which are very well wrapped in beautiful graphics, ambient design and not less than atmospheric voice acting, which in total makes this project very attractive and exciting.
But normally such games are virtually never free, in this case, all is well. The price for the game is quite high, in the region of four dollars, which in my opinion puts it on the same level (at a cost) with other projects, such as the masterpiece of The Cave, which, by the way on the half dollar cheaper ... But do not forget that many such projects have their own army of fans who have played at all, so ... let's see what we have there is a class in this case.

Atmosphere - the main thing.
Of course, atmospheric game is the most valuable and useful representative of the genre, because it creates an atmosphere of overall impression and if you do not prevent serious shortcomings, the game in any case be remembered, while sometimes you can even forgive some simplifications. This game is certainly atmospheric and for that I am ready to forgive her beautiful graphics which is based on the silhouettes ... that's fair, is cheap! Games in which the main character, and most of the content is just full of black silhouettes! The background is changed, it is very beautiful and unusual, but still interesting to look at the inner circle than something in the background, however, it is part of the same "atmosphere" which the game definitely stands out.
The gameplay here is interesting, but it can hardly be called unusual, since it is a platformer with a certain set of puzzles that, in general, also found in many places. Of course the game is excellent and smooth animation, no flaws in the graphics and much more, what you can complain about. It is an important part of the game will be the atmospherics and voice, which here too flawless and very suitable for the event and be sure you will be remembered.


  • beautiful and designed levels
  • many puzzles
  • plenty of traps and dangerous enemies
  • hours of gameplay
  • unforgettable atmosphere, another "limb" ...

games Disadvantages:

  • trial not only paid

Bottom line: the game Toby: The Secret Mine is definitely competent, quality and atmospheric design that is worthy of your attention, but then again, comparing with others - it's expensive!


Toby: The Secret Mine



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2016/04/26 12:46
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