Trial Legends 3
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Trial Legends 3


Game Trial Legends 3, it is not difficult to guess, is the third part of the game about Moto trial from the developers of Mega8games, that's just past projects are not very popular, the reason - is anyone's guess, but we'll see how this game is perfect for fans of the genre . By the way, both of the past were available in two versions, paid for the HD version and free for normal, the third part of the same can "boast" only the presence of the paid version, which is obviously HD, but where free?

The gameplay here is not much different from similar games, you will be given the bike (in the beginning it will be the easiest, but you can unlock and others), as well as a lot of levels with obstacles, and obstacles here is very, very difficult. The most offensive, that the most difficult will be the simplest that will be difficult to pass without falling from the strange physics, which seems no longer an arcade, but until the simulator it is very far away, in these confusing situations you and will slow down and fall again and again. To complete a level simply to get to the finish, it will give you a star of the three possible to get the rest you need to think about tricks and good about the passage, however, is to think about it too early, again, because of the strange physics.


  • all very hard, you have to train a lot
  • real maneuvers
  • several scenarios
  • very difficult levels
  • good graphics in high resolution
  • smooth animation through Unity engine

games Disadvantages:
  • No free version
  • realism is clearly not enough, the game is stuck between arcade and simulator

Bottom line: as already mentioned, the game Trial Legends 3 fee that, in general, and its ruins because paid games such should not be a fact. In any case, not be difficult to find not only that free, so more and more adequate counterparts! At this point, save the game can only be processed with the free version of physics, otherwise the chances of success just yet.


Trial Legends 3


4.08★ 81.51%

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2016/04/16 09:43
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