Chameleon Run
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Game Chameleon Run is a new runner from known developers Noodlecake Studios Inc, who are renowned for their spectacular projects, which, incidentally, often paid. Unfortunately, this game is also paid two dollars and asked for it, and that's a lot or a little - you decide.

Rahner turned this very conditional, because fortunately the game still decided to split into levels, which is very convenient and really gives you the opportunity to fix at least some progress. However, the gameplay here is based on Rahner, because we have to run, jump and change the color of your character.
Levels in the game is quite short, you can go through each less than a minute and it is a very good solution for mobile applications, in any case, so you will have more chances to pass a number of games per unit of time. Each level involves a set of platforms, which will run our character. The first few levels will gradually increase the difficulty by showing you what to do in a given situation, so you can call them teaching. To begin our hero will run along the yellow platform, which will be black areas that you need to jump, that's pretty simple. Then there will be another color, pink, it does not need to jump but when you run up to the platform to do so that the hero has changed its color from yellow to pink and so on. Pretty soon you will come to challenging levels where you have to constantly change color, black jump, jump over the pit, and at the same time try to collect some semblance of coins. The process is very dynamic and very complex, however, you are sure to please the excellent animation and entertaining game design in the amount of a high-quality graphics.


  • High dynamic force you to make decisions on the fly
  • several types of jumps
  • amazing physics by special technology
  • stylish graphics, excellent animation
  • three tasks on each level
  • at each level of the result can be improved
  • simple operation

games Disadvantages:

  • No free version

Outcome: Chameleon Run game is almost perfect, I would even say that it is totally perfect within its genre, but that is what you have to pay and if you want it to play, but the money it costs.


Chameleon Run


3.63★ 72.67%

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2016/04/14 12:47
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