I Dig It Remastered
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I Dig It Remastered


Game I Dig It Remastered is slightly revised version of a classic game about gold mining, so if you like to dig - dig! Prepared by game developers from InMotion Software, LLC, we are not yet familiar with, but this game will be a great occasion, in any case, if you have the extra $ 4.5, which for this game are asked. Overall, this was the only negative, as the price is quite high, while the game is not even a trial, especially not worth it and hope that it will distribute for free, obviously, the calculation is on the gold rush for users!

However, it is worth noting that it was a very even acceptable, in any case, fans of the genre will be satisfied exactly for paid games. But let's look at the benefits and the opportunity to order.
The gameplay is divided into two modes - campaign and the individual steps. With regard to the individual stages in their history, and without planning, you just start to dig, hoping to earn as many points, it is suitable for those who play infrequently and did not last long. Campaign mode was much more interesting and more fully will be able to reveal the game, because here even the background is!
This story tells about a farmer, over which hung several financial risks such as payment for his ranch and mortgages. The situation is not easy, but he found a way out - converted his tractor in the cool car for excavation and went in search of minerals, which are in the game are more than 60 varieties! Exactly these minerals and you have to sell, trying to close its financial hole and trying to pump drilling machine that will extract more resources!
In addition, the game counted borax temperature, the possibility of explosion device, the amount of gasoline, and many other factors are real. For full apotheosis fun game boasts good graphics and a fairly intuitive interface.


  • good graphics and animation
  • a lot of different minerals
  • simple operation
  • addictive gameplay
  • some innovations in the genre

games Disadvantages:

  • the game is only paid
  • no Russian language

Bottom line: the game I Dig It Remastered sure to appeal to all who love to mine gold and other resources in such games. The lack of Russian language does not interfere much, there is still need to dig and do not read, but the fact that the game is only paid obviously hamper its popularity.


I Dig It Remastered



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2016/04/01 11:13
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