The Walking Dead: Michonne
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The Walking Dead: Michonne


Game The Walking Dead: Michonne is the third part of the story about zombies, which is based on the very popular TV series "The Walking Dead" as the last two, it consists of three episodes, each of which is definitely related to each other and the main problem lies in the fact that the first episode in the past was often free, while others had to re-buy immediately, even in the first episode you have to pay a little more than five dollars, and the same for each of the others, but I'm sure for the fans it would not be a big disappointment last flew like hot pies!

This time, the story moves away from the usual characters and tell about a girl named Michon, who strayed from the group and are now forced to survive on their own, without the support of their comrades. Nevertheless, the world is not without good people with whom she had met, make new friends, have adapted to survive in a boat, trying to as little as possible to approach the shore.
Graphics like animation, like the rest of the gameplay is no different from past episodes, so it is on the level, offering us a beautiful comics, drawn with a soul and a sense of style that is uniquely suitable not only for walking fans, and many other players. The game's plot takes you through a variety of locations where you have to defend the right to life in front of other survivors groups to fight the bloodthirsty zombies and find provisions, equipment and various means of self-defense.
The gameplay is sure to hook your actual behavior of people, their well thought-out and multifaceted, so do not even think about what kind of game you have to pay, it is definitely worth the money, if not the smallest.

Bottom line: the game The Walking Dead: Michonne will not only be a great addition to the previous parts of the game, but also an excellent independent project, which is even called a masterpiece in time.


The Walking Dead: Michonne


4.33★ 86.65%

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2016/03/31 11:57
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