Space Grunts
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Game Space Grunts is a bagel, which developers OrangePixel decided to perform in a retro style, not sparing pixels, which sometimes make you think about what is really happening on the screen? Anyway, we are waiting for a fascinating shooter, which will be enjoyed by all fans of the classic games of the genre RPG!

A little story.
Action games take us to 2476, humanity is actively developing space and builds the base where one can do it. Once one of these databases comes a distress signal, which is sent and a group of Marines, whose task resolve the problem, that's just nobody knows that it really happened ...
The trouble is that was a bunch of aliens, hostile robots and other unexplained creatures on the base, through the crowds to get where you need to find hidden dungeons and understand what is happening once and for all!

The gameplay here is quite typical for the genre, or rather - a step by step, so that you will have the opportunity (and need) to think through every step. In addition, we are waiting for quite a travel Pixel-Art, which can cause mixed emotions, a large number of locations, particularly addictive gameplay, dark sound. Do not forget about the basis of any role-playing game, namely a large selection of weapons, the ability to pump it, all kinds of camouflage, grenades, many types of armor and always ending with ammunition. What amount makes the gameplay is very worthy of the genre.

The disadvantages of the game can only be attributed the fact that it applies only on a fee basis, with no trial versions, and the like. The price issue is also very questionable - three dollars, which is not so cheap for pixel role-playing game on Android.

Bottom line: the game Space Grunts is a great representative of the genre, so if you do not mind paying money for the game and you will not confuse retro design, then I highly recommend you purchase this instance.


Space Grunts


4.69★ 93.73%

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2016/03/17 11:19
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