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Game Light My Fear is a familiar platform runner at first glance, but the assurance of the developers is the first Android-runner who is Gothic ... What's the point? I do not know. Is it really? Yes, what does it matter, the main thing that the game was interesting, if anything else goes into the background. The game has prepared for us and the developer James Bang is the first draft, so let's not much to find fault;)

The gameplay of this game will please us with the fact that the runner crossed the action, as the various creatures that will appear on our way, we suggest not to jump and destroy! By the way about the dynamics of this game is not strong it is different, in any case, it no longer seems to be true, because our hero, being in a terrible and dark place does not run as a competition, and slowly goes, looking around. Such appropriate moments in the game a lot, such as a short introduction, which is a few slides that briefly, but is available tell that our hero does not know how, but still ended up in some dark forest, he was scared and he wants to find his way home. Next, the hero breaks off a burning branch and hit the road, illuminating a pair of meters of road in front of him.
The problem as with any other runner - to go as long as possible, then conducted through the meter, and also will be counted the number of murders that you commit for their likely short journey. Killing monsters is quite simple, it is enough to singe their torch at the right time and they disappear in a cloud of blue smoke. However, there is a problem, they will attack from both sides, so I have to turn around and look back to illuminate the space behind him. Attack can both on the ground and from the air, so that even after 50 meters you'll see all the horrors of this place and how difficult it is to survive here.


  • grim situation, frightening atmosphere
  • simple operation
  • "Smart" monsters that have very different behavior
  • You can interact with the environment
  • a high level of difficulty, the game is for hardcore fans
  • bonus items
  • dangerous traps
  • It has the ability to record video and upload it to Youtube directly from the game
  • and by the way, is no Donat

games Disadvantages:

  • perhaps the only one - the game does not provide for any purpose, of course that it is endless runner, but often need something to collect and something to save, and then it is not.

Bottom line: the game Light My Fear is a project that will be developed, the developer promises to launch a full-fledged campaign, the presence of which would kill is the only drawback. If we evaluate the game in comparison with a lot of others, it is a solid four, but if you remember that this attempt at writing, where developer testing only their opportunities and ideas, it is five-plus!


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