GTA: Liberty City Stories
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GTA: Liberty City Stories


Game GTA: Liberty City Storie s familiar to many fans of this series of games, in fact, that this project has become the most sold for PSP, as well as he became famous GTA III of prehistory, which was the first 3D game. In general, you can tell a lot about the game and about the entire series, but you already know everything, do not you?

Of course, this game is not new, what to say, it is still produced under the console PS 2 ... Since then, it took a lot of time, there was a couple of generations of consoles and the GTA came out a few pieces, but that Liberty City Stories has remained in the hearts of many, so the poor the opportunity to play it on android? Let passed a lot of time, namely, 10 years!

Objectively, this is not the first GTA to android from games that format it all came almost last because Vice City, San Andreas, GTA III, and even Chinatown Wars is already released. Needless to say, the fourth and fifth of the more android is not yet able to master, but who knows what will happen even after 10 years? Also, notably, porting the game Rockstar engaged themselves, who have a wealth of experience, so it is no secret that this part will be the most convenient and appropriate in the new format.

What changed?

  • textures and characters completely redesigned for higher resolution and mobile platforms
  • shadows and lighting also rigged as they could
  • view distance has been increased
  • Management is fully adapted for the sensor
  • if you have the Rockstar Social Club, you can save and continue on another platform
  • The game supports joysticks

What upset?
To begin with, a moot point. All missions in the game a little too processed, the story has not changed, but they have become much shorter than that on the one hand allows you to play faster (which is perfect for android owners), but on the other hand, becoming shorter mission became much easier, not everyone will like it . The second point that is most relevant is the fact that the game is distributed only on a fee basis, so if you want it, then cook the $ 4 (this is given a 40% discount which is valid on the application, it will soon be canceled).

Outcome: scold or praise any part of the GTA can be infinite, in the end it still does not change, the game GTA: Liberty City Stories for android is an integral part of the cult, which they created around them, so the only thing that remains is the fans - rejoice!


GTA: Liberty City Stories


4.11★ 82.11%

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2016/02/17 10:03
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