Top Gear: Drift Legends
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Top Gear: Drift Legends


Game Top Gear: Drift Legends is a race, and to be more precise, drift, which is based on the same name, and is likely the most popular program about cars in the world! But honestly, this approach requires a great deal of responsibility, which we'll talk further.

What is Top Gear for us? This drive, fun, consistent quality and a lot, a lot of very different cars. And this is the famous track and the Stig, who have become an integral part of the broadcast. What does this have in the game? Track - yes, there is, Stig - only pictures, but what about the rest?
But first, I tried to understand what general attitude of the developers have Rush Digital to Top Gear. Nothing on this issue I found, so I have to believe what is happening, and believe that the game is made for their licenses, and in fact had such projects did not trust her! In addition, this project turned out to be paid, it extends to the android at a price of two dollars.

What awaits us?
The first thing to do - to choose a control, there are two options, or buttons, or the virtual wheel. Both options were quite comfortable, so decide how you will be happier. Then we will be faced with the old car that we will be the first, how does it relate to the Top Gear - is unknown, but the developers claim that the game has a large fleet of vehicles with known on the television show cars. However, how to make them, and the great variety of tracks have a long and difficult because the complexity of the game at the level. Just could not understand since when Top Gear promotes drift ... but like this and everything is clear, the usual attempt to make money.
In addition, the developers promise a full season of five locations and 25 runs, scattered around the world. So the developers are focused on a good simulation, but remember, to feel it will be possible only with the virtual wheel to play with that much more difficult. Also in the game available option to fight against its own "ghost" to set new records, improve their own time.

The result: many people know that Top Gear is not the same, leading replaced occurring in the transmission also likely to change, but the game Top Gear: Drift Legends direct evidence that would be better not exactly. It would be the game has a different name - no problem, an ordinary race for android, but if the game is considered with reference to the famous show, to the desired level, it did not hold.


Top Gear: Drift Legends


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2016/02/05 09:53
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