Gangster Granny 3
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Gangster Granny 3


If we talk about the game Gangster Granny 3 on Android, it is hard not to recall the last two, which are invariably produced by developers of Heisenberg Ent. The first two parts were very popular, despite the fact that they have always been paid, however, the third part of the price increased by 2 times and is now two dollars, or slightly less than that many can afford.

The game's plot invariably associated with the last part, because here mentioned and past robbery and all the other cases in which the military was tied our grandmother. However, she went on calm, sunny days and enjoyed the calm, measured life, having exchanged the gun in his hand on the horn with ice cream, however, all this will have to change because there were people from the huge corporations that this situation does not suit. With peace talks, these people are not familiar with, so they organized the kidnapping of her grandmother, but not on that ran!

Gameplay Gangster Granny 3 little changed from the first part, however, changed decent graphics, which has become more detailed and qualitative. We are waiting for a lot of locations, the attention to detail which affects, especially if you are careful and follow the game industry. You will have many different purposes to which you want to go slowly, do not forget to shoot the enemy, gradually turning a pretty interesting story, filled with jokes and other funny moments! Do not forget about the very easy operation, as well as about the health of your character and volume of the cartridge holder in the gun or other weapons.

Outcome: Gangster Granny 3 is an excellent game that will not only give you the opportunity to participate in an excellent action movie, but once again reminded that the age is not important, the main thing - a state of mind, so that's enough to turn sour, it's time to shoot!


Gangster Granny 3


4.15★ 83.02%

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2016/01/25 11:40
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