Dead Space
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Dead Space - Space history, created by Electronic Arts. Mobile version of containers for graphical link computer versions of Dead Space and Dead Space 2. The player controls the main character in the game, Isaac Clarke, a third person. Unlike many shooters, the player can not do the usual jumps and somehow get off cliffs, or scarps, partly perhaps in places with weightlessness.
On the back of the suit of Isaac health indicators are present, charge, and stasis, in rooms without air, the amount of residual oxygen. These indicators are part of the X's, the internal AI suit. Stasis allows for a time of slow moving objects, for example, Necromorph or rapidly spinning fan. In addition, Isaac armed kinesis module, allowing to attract and hurtle from a variety of subjects.
In the melee player can use a punch and kick: kick a strong topom on the floor, waving his hand as the player horizontally in a circle in front of him. The game features a variety of weapons, some of which are tools for miners. The sight and the light of the current number of rounds in the weapon in the normal state is absent, but they are activated after entering aiming mode in which the camera "jumps" over the shoulder character.
The game has a zone with zero gravity and depressurized compartments of the ship (in a vacuum as we know sound waves do not propagate and ambient sounds in these moments are absent, except for the Deaf blows to the space-suit). Also, there are virtually no splash - all cut scenes are interactive. In addition, there are benches and "shops" where you can improve, buy and sell equipment. Equipment is also in some boxes and it falls out of defeated enemies.
Musical score games may vary depending on circumstances such as when the enemy or in hazardous locations.
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Dead Space


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