Lost Horizon
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Normal quests for android smaller, this tendency we all know and have often been discussed, but not many developers are trying to break down those foundations. Not many, but not Deep Silver, who already distinguished by a series of games Secret Files, which at its serviceability found almost 50 thousand fans, which is not so bad both for this genre, and for paid games on Android in principle. Their new project Lost Horizon, too, was paid, that is the only bad news for fans of the genre, the price ustakanilos at slightly above $ 4. But objectively, the game is worth the money, anyway, it is ready to offer you a long and exciting journey.

These games can not do without an exciting plot, this case is no exception. The action takes place during the Second World War, only her backyard, in the battles we do not have to participate. Our hero - a desperate man, a swindler and smuggler, who decided to take up another rousing mission, but this time is quite large, and the official - find the missing expedition to the mountains of Tibet. However, as it turns out, the expedition was extremely important and has made stunning discoveries that have long been interested in the Nazis, who were also looking for them ...
The game is ready to offer you a lot of puzzles, dialogues, journey through the most different places of the world and high-quality graphics. Also, you should prepare for the fact that the game is filled with lots of videos, professionally duplicated, only they are all in English, as well as dialogues ... why other languages ​​do not.

Features Lost Horizon:

  • Classics of the genre in mobile performance
  • exciting plot, really challenging assignments
  • excellent optimization and ease of use
  • beautiful graphics that made your hands!
  • cool video inserts throughout the game

Bottom line: if you are willing to fork out - be sure to buy this game, especially if you like the classic quests definitely not regret it.


Lost Horizon


4.08★ 81.68%

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2015/12/18 11:21
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