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When I found another "shooter" on Android, the first thing I pay attention - not whether it is shooting. We were lucky, it's not a shooting gallery, is a normal shooter, in which you can go in different directions and kill everyone who's there there. The project prepared the Finnish developers 10tons Ltd, who were quite experienced teammates, only projects they have almost all paid, so they met us often. However, this game is no exception, she also paid, and the price is amazing - more than $ 6! And here there is a logical question - why?

And let's say, to answer this question is difficult ...
The appearance of the game will not impress anyone, many do not even like it. The graphics here are very modest, it looks pretty good, but only if your screen is 7 inches or more, smaller screens have to strain your eyes to understand what is happening. Obvious stocks is not seen, but still a paid game here and does not smell.
In addition, many upset modest decorations levels at some point begins to give the impression that we are wandering in some desert. Only instead of sand there grass and some semblance of the stone pavement, you are no buildings, shelters and the like. The only thing that can please - a lot of blood, which always appear around you, but then again, you pay for it - is another question.
Gameplay - the most common, in fact, it even easier to call primitive, because it does not suggest a compelling story or plot, no dialogue, no dialogue, nothing but your character, weapons, and enemies around the pile. Sometimes it may be interesting to light the way, but as practice shows, get tired of it quickly.

Features, or at least some advantages the game Crimsonland:

  • 60 levels if you want to beat the game
  • Five different modes of "survival"
  • three dozen different types of weapons
  • more than fifty of useful skills of your soldier

Bottom line: the game may not be the worst because of the modest exterior lies addictive gameplay and a lot of action, however, the spread of similar projects over $ 6 is very doubtful ...




3.54★ 70.78%

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2015/12/17 11:19
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