The Executive
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Game The Executive is an unusual cross between Rahner and fighting game, which certainly met in the android often, but in this case, even the design of the game was so strange that not to attract attention, she just could not.

Imagine a modern game with a rather troubled drawn 2D graphics primitive animation, without plot, full of strange and inexplicable events of the outside world ... Yes, it's all about this game.
The graphics really strange here, it's hard to call it beautiful, but the disgust she did not cause, can not be said about the animation. The animation, especially during labor and jumps extremely primitive, you feel no physics, the feeling that the game and the world is a child of the application papers, which began to move across the screen. As for the plot - it is not, our hero is a man in a suit and sunglasses, is a bit like Clark Kent, in any case, may also break through the wall, spread obstacles and so on, more than that, our hero successfully fights with monsters, and using only his hands and feet, no arms! Monsters also received mixed, they mostly resemble statues, but still sometimes move and try to do something, but very slowly. In addition, they look like animals, wolves or werewolves, with some wearing human clothes ...
The essence of the game comes down to location and run to beat all the monsters you meet, get a bonus in the form of dollars and spend it between levels to improve ...

Features The Executive:

  • More than 120 levels
  • a large number of skills for pumping
  • Fight and do tricks
  • simple operation svayp
  • More than fifty different enemies
  • earn money by investing in various sectors
  • Every ten levels fight with dangerous boss

Disadvantages of this game is the same, and so obvious, that's just the main news was the unexpected - paid game! And it costs three dollars, that for such a project very much, I think.

Bottom line: the game, though unusual, but still primitive and paid everything else, so I'm pretty hard to imagine how many people it will be able to win this its "uniqueness."


The Executive


3.97★ 79.41%

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2015/12/10 10:59
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