Snowboard Party 2
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Snowboard Party 2


For some, winter is a terrible time associated with bad weather, frost and slush, and for some it's the long-awaited period when you can uncover your snowboard and go on a slope. For those who want the slope, but can not the developers of Ratrod Studio Inc. We are given the opportunity to do all of this in a virtual reality, on the screens of our androids.

I'll start with the sad.
Bad news for fans - the game is paid without the possibility download a trial version, as in the case with the first part. Product price is $ 2, and the developers and by Donata not abandoned that even more frustrating.

However, there is some good news, such as the fact that the second part is much more attractive both appearance and other characteristics, as more.
The game Snowboard Party 2 has appeared a lot, and everything old has become a better or larger. For example, a new game mode - race locations has increased, they are now a little more than two dozen, each worked out with love and care, so do not be surprised if at some point on the horizon will notice a beautiful aurora borealis, the real magic! Stunts became more, the opportunity to play online with other snowboarders and about 150 achievements, gameplay that will stretch to a lot of hours.
In addition, the expanded personalization features of your character, is now available to us and eighty different sets of equipment, from private to professional, including exclusive apparel available richest ... Sex hundreds of boards will help you choose something different, and about the different characteristics and excellent physics, too, no one has forgotten it all. As his game improved graphics performance, and now you can play at a high resolution and enjoy the beautiful graphics.

The result: a great game, sorry for that fee, because it's pretty much limit the number of its fans, which is now clearly the several hundreds of thousands.


Snowboard Party 2


4.41★ 88.23%

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2015/12/09 11:57
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