Last Horizon
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This game may seem the easiest time-killer, but actually it is saturated with the spirit of hopelessness and despair, and do think what it's like to be in space, realizing that would be the last person in the universe?
What exactly happened is not known, but we know the consequences, which are reduced to a situation where we find ourselves in a rather advanced rescue capsule that is able to surf the cosmos and hard looking for a new home, with regular wondering how did it happen? Why is this important mission, we got it? But in fact, what is happening around us have no time for such thoughts, they just settle somewhere at heart and there remain, and on the screens of our androids will complete arcade, which we offer, and to learn.

Few of the developers.
The game produced a Noodlecake Studios Inc, which we are best known for playing Zombie Road Trip, very positive and very popular, however, have nothing to do today's game with zombies is not that the whole very good.

The essence of the game Last Horizon comes to flying from one planet to another, some of them will be lifeless, the other to somehow be able to meet the conditions for life. Anyway, our task - to collect samples from the surface and fly further until you find something suitable. In addition it will have to make their way so as to avoid collisions with comets, asteroids and other celestial bodies. Just have to keep track of the amount of resources on the capsule, surf the cosmos ever she can not, so on every planet where we land resources are replenished, which means that the more often you'll land the better. Just landing on a planet, you can repair the hull of a ship, which could be affected in a collision or an unsuccessful landing. By the way, too, will have to sit down very carefully, in addition, to avoid landing in ponds, swamps and other non-intended places. Navigation we do not have any, so fly to the four winds.

Features Last Horizon:

  • nice animation and qualitative physics of the cosmos
  • a very exciting experience, though a bit depressing
  • four game modes
  • cool design
  • more than an hour of music for a variety of meditation

The downside of the game was only the fact that it paid without trial. The price of pleasure is three dollars, so watch yourself.

The result: an interesting project that can be recommended to all who do not spend money on the game and the people who love a slight feeling of frustration and calm gameplay.


Last Horizon


4.58★ 91.65%

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2015/11/28 10:16
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