Morningstar: Descent Deadrock
4.6 (19)

Morningstar: Descent Deadrock


Unlike most similar projects did not pass the five (or more) years before the android platform has received the opportunity to take on board such a tough passenger, which is certainly a game Morningstar: Descent Deadrock. On android publishers were Phoenix Online Studios LLC, with whom we are already familiar with the project Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers, a review of which was already on our website in August this year. Compared with the already proven products, this game does not become worse, I would even said that the opposite is true, it is a bit more modern, and so many seem better. Consider it more.

Just start with the trouble that always pursues such projects, namely monetization policy adopted by developers. In this case, the project charge, without trial, and other options to check their experience gameplay. Price of the issue - a little less than four dollars, which is not much, but for someone that moment will be fundamental. Anyway, you can always download the game on your PC, it get hacked version is easier, but, nevertheless, we are now about an android;)

The game's plot.
The protagonist - a bounty hunter named Powell, that's just not for criminals he hunts, and for staff to a large corporation. And then, say that it is difficult to hunt, too, his work is a boring routine, constant trips to remote areas of the galaxy and a lot of paperwork. However, one of these trips was his most dangerous challenge in life when a merchant ship makes an emergency landing on an unknown planet and the lives of all the passengers are in danger of death ... All the members of the crew either dead or seriously injured, so our hero realizes that everything in his hands and he decides to get out of the ship and look around. Planet seemingly lifeless quickly teaches him a surprise - another huge ship, apparently came here for the same reasons, it is found nearby, however, all the passengers are dead, and once it becomes clear that they died after landing and apparently violent death. ..
What's next - Gad yourself or buy the game and check, but believe me, the plot of this game is very unpredictable, quirky and full of surprises. The loser will not stay in any case.

Features Morningstar: Descent Deadrock

  • an unforgettable adventure in the genre of science fiction
  • graphics format and HD quality
  • beautiful scenery on the deadly planet
  • solve all kinds of puzzles and discover the best kept secret
  • amazing voice and incredible effects
  • very epic and atmospheric soundtrack

Bottom line: if you like the modern quests with stunning graphics - definitely buy, if you like dangerous adventures, mysticism and science fiction - the same recommendation. At least pass it on PC, is simply not to be missed!


Morningstar: Descent Deadrock


4.6★ 91.93%

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2015/11/16 10:45
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