Dim Light
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Game prepared developers SanBae and this is their first edition on Android, which at first glance may seem a bit of a hack-work, but enough to spend a few minutes of the game and you will understand the appearance - it's part of the plan, and the plan of developers very thoughtful and extremely frightening ...

How much do you know about real fear?
Games, like movies, are simply blood or scary creatures that are in fact not very scary, just a nuisance to us externally. There are games with Screamer, such as Freddie nights, and there are games such format here, they have something really terrible! Moreover, unlike the movie, then you are a direct participant in the events. Just think about it, the surroundings are dark so that in addition to the tracks that illuminate the lamp can not see anything at all ... at some point, you can shine in any other way and see a monster or an ordinary wall. Darkness is hopelessness, lantern - a ray of light, and that if the batteries sit down?

Game Dim Light is the most ordinary walker in which you'll wade from one room to another, a flashlight to light the way, and the incredible play of shadows and scary sounds complement the picture of terror and fear that pretty quickly capture your consciousness. By the way, the developers recommend the use of headphones, which at times reinforce the desired effect.
The building in which we will wade huge, almost have to go to the touch, and that the most sad - in a building full of zombies, wheezing that we hear all the time, afraid to open a new door, afraid to go back, when someone you pursue? Zombies will react to the noise, so it is not recommended to take the time it is best to tiptoe their way, it will live as long as possible, and perhaps even to get out of this hell. It remains only the question - where do we get? And who said that the outside of the building will be safer?

Bottom line: Dim Light game for android is a great horror, which uniquely does its job and accurately appeal to all fans of the genre, as well as those who like unusual solutions in the games. Unfortunately, the game is only one version - charge, the price is a little less than two dollars, so see for yourself;)


Dim Light

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2015/11/11 09:29
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