Silver Bullet
3.7 (10)


Game prepared developers Byulbram Studio and this is their first project, which, in theory, would have broken many representatives of this genre on Android, but it paid, so it is hoped that their costs they will pay, but whether they have an audience of millions - will time. On the other hand, the price for this game is not more than two dollars, which today are quite modest, especially like that!

What is generally required from the shooter on Android?
In most cases, if we can shoot and move freely, it's a good kind of game, but you will agree, is not enough. Developers, too, understands this and in this case went further, much further! To begin with this game has Otpad plot that involves the occult studies of the Nazis, who have survived and continue to stop people. Graphics quality - amazing complexity - level, especially since this is not just some dumb shooter like Quake (I have nothing against, but the game is really from the 90s), then you need to think, to think, be creative and think again. Always have a few options for passing, a lot of opportunities and more choices fail the task. In addition, the developers have worked on styling and games and screensavers on the beautiful, well ... I do not know what is there not, can you find?

Features Silver Bullet:

  • Game format "Stealth", which is really difficult, it will require from you a lot of time and perseverance
  • free possession of weapons
  • more than three dozen long and challenging levels that will provide many hours of gameplay
  • Fourteen dangerous bosses, fights with whom you will dream
  • stunning plot
  • insert rollers qualities "like a movie", everything will crumble and explode, do not miss it!
  • some elements of the levels are generated automatically, no routine!

Disadvantages of the game Silver Bullet:

  • System requirements are high that expected
  • the game is only paid, no trial
  • if you put on your android root, the will not work for some reason ...

Very honest developers.
Just really want to point out that the developers have been very honest guys, once paying for the game you do not run an advertisement, or given, pop-up notifications that remind us how long you have not entered into the application will not be imposed on friends and any other irritating action in the background background, just a game, just fun! Politics is incredible, it is necessary to follow the example of many.

The result: a very cool game that will suit everyone who did not put the root ... strange policy because it would greatly expand the audience, but it is the will of developers. Everything else - elegant, so this game I definitely recommend to all fans of good shooters.


Silver Bullet


3.69★ 73.75%

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2015/11/04 11:31
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