What to do if the RTS genre does not give us the pleasure is so important, and TD already tired? The answer is simple - to mix, but do not stir it ... so did the developers of Game Dev Team, which you probably do not know, because almost all their games are paid, and who likes to pay? Prices, however, they are not very high, for example, for this game they are asking for a little less than a dollar ... adequate, but the trial would not prevent.

As part of the map generation developers did not bother much, giving the will of the case, which we will create a map on which to survive the enemy waves hundreds floor. On any map, we will be the main building - the base and the oil rig that provides us with money. Further, the need to build the tower, which will destroy enemies, and seems to be nothing new in this, but just here and connect feature that took the genre of RTS. Each tower has limited ammunition and when it will end - it will turn into a useless furniture that only thing that can - to distract the enemy. A tower to function normally you would have to build and develop logistics warehouses, sending trucks with ammunition to the towers. The more towers - the large warehouse, which is quite realistic, plus adds a lot of game dynamics and makes it more interesting.

Features DefCom TD:

  • original hybrid genre of RTS and Tower Defense
  • Many different types of enemies
  • Cards are randomly generated, repetitions do not wait
  • cool graphics and wonderful sound
  • Easy management
  • no advertising and Donata (still, the game is not free!)

Weaknesses games DefCom TD:

  • no trial, only for money ...

Bottom line: if you do not pay attention to the need to buy this game, I can recommend it to anyone who likes strategy and defense, so even if you buy the game definitely worth it, besides, the price is not the space.


DefCom TD


3.53★ 70.67%

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2015/10/29 11:23
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